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Tomorro helps companies reduce the time they spend managing contracts, and gives them greater control and visibility over legal and financial risks.
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Never miss a deadline again

Centralize all your contracts on a secure platform and improve your follow-up with our automatic reminders.

Automated renewal tracking and reminders
Powerful filters and search to access information quickly
Folder structure to stay organized
Oro allows you to extract data automatically using AI
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Less paperwork, more control

Save time in the management of your contracts by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

Powerful templates with variables and conditional clause display
Optimized clause and contract drafting with Oro, our intelligent assistant
Set up rules to trigger approval workflows at the right time
Automated storage rules to save and share document with the right people
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Streamlined collaboration and faster negotiation

Save your teams hours with in-app negotiation: fewer emails, fewer round trips and more reactivity

Accelerated contract review with Oro, our Intelligent Assistant
Reliable audit trail with internal and external split for control over the negotiation
Intuitive and free negotiation portal for counterparties
Free and legally biding native eSignature for a great end-to-end experience
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Reduce contract signing times

Insert signature areas wherever you want, in one click.

CLM + eSignature : 2-in-1 tool
Signature management for your projects generated from Leeway, as well as your external documents
Legally binding signature, to the European eIDAS standard
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The AI assistant that speeds up your contract processes.

Data extraction

Retrieve key information from your contracts and automatically fill in your summary sheets.

Summary generation

Build automated summaries with Oro, for all your contract types

And much more!

Oro is there to support you throughout your negotiations and beyond.

Evaneos reduces its legal and financial risks with Tomorro

Tomorro accompanies Evaneos, a platform that connects travelers with local travel agencies around the world to offer tailor-made trips.


Florence wanted to automate some of the redundant work to free up time for her team and operational staff. Securing legal operations, by providing alerts on due dates and storing contracts in a single location, was also part of her brief.


With Tomorro, Florence has been able to automate the entire generation of new documents and give autonomy to the teams.

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"Having visibility over all contracts is a central issue. It's the only way to control and be alerted to expiring contracts, so that the service can prevent their automatic renewal."

Florence RivatDirectrice Juridique d’Evaneos
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"Tomorro has dramatically improved our ability to manage contracts accurately and quickly. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set perfectly match the requirements of our industry.”
Alexia Delahousse • Vp Legal, Qonto
"Tomorro is a great tool for people on the team who need to draft agreements but don't come from a legal background.”
Kader Zedek • Head of Legal and Compliance, Pretto
"The support and responsiveness of Tomorro's teams made all the difference.”
Valentine Alagnat • IT Purshasing Manager, Vinci
"Tomorro has become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day work of our team, guaranteeing speed in the contractualization process and making it easier to follow negotiations through to signature.”
Nassim Ameli • Legal Advisor, Voodoo
"We opted for Tomorro for its easy-to-implement tool, which we deployed across the legal and sales teams to streamline our contract drafting and negotiation processes.”
Florence Rivat • General Counsel, Evaneos
"Tomorro has changed my daily life, and is enabling Lano to absorb the volume of contracts linked to the company's growth."
Bhagyashree Pancholy • General Counsel, Lano

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